Saturday, August 15, 2009

Employment Visa Processing in Oman


It is granted at the request of a local sponsor and on his responsibility to a foreigner who comes to Oman for employment and whose age is not below 21 years. This visa can be used within six months from the date of its issuance. It is valid for staying in the country for two years from the date of entry or the date it is stamped in the passport. It is renewable and valid for multiple entries.


The sponsor must be a local one with full legal capacity, and be responsible for the truth of the information given in the application form.

The person for whom the employment visa is requested shall not be below 21 or above 60 calendar years.

He shall be of the same sex as stated in the labour permit which was issued by the Directorate General of Labour Affairs.

The occupation for which the visa is requested must be identical to the one stated in the labour permit.

With regard to permits which are conditional on employment inside the country, the foreigner for whom the visa is requested must be already present in the country with an employment residence permit only.

Application and Attachments:

Visa application form typed, approved and signed by the sponsor.

For Arabs holding passports issued in Arab countries the visa application form must be filled out in Arabic.

For Non-Arabs holding passports issued in non-Arab countries the visa application form must be filled out in English.

Two photographs (4 * 6) cm.

Copy of the foreigner’s passport, which must be valid for three months at least.

The original labour permit issued by the Directorate General of Labour + copy thereof with each application form.

A medical fitness certificate issued by an approved medical center. This is required from foreigners who are coming from certain countries specified by the Ministry of Health.

Where the application is submitted to the Directorate General of passports and Residence (DGPR) by a representative and not by the sponsor in person, the representative must be an Omani national holding an authorization in writing from the sponsor and approved by the DGPR.

Exceptional Attachments:

Where the foreigner had previously worked in Oman and did not complete two years since he left Oman, there must be a release letter from the former sponsor indicating that he ( the sponsor ) has no objection to the employment of that foreigner by any other employer without being subject to the two-year restriction.

Where the foreigner wants to change his sponsorship to a new sponsor (employer) while is still inside the Sultanate, there must be a release letter from the former sponsor and approved by the Directorate General of Labour. All violations, including the delay fine must have already been settled when the visa application is submitted.

Some nationalities or categories need special permits, e.g.: Filipino housemaids need labour permit from the Filipino Embassy and attested by Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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